Set of 8 IGN1A Smart Coils

Ign1a Smart Coils Like Holley, Fueltech, Haltech, DIY, AEM, Mercury Marine, etc...
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Set of 8 Smart/IGN1A Coils These are extremely popular as they pack more energy then stock coils and dont risk auto-firing like some stock coils are prone to when over-dwelled. These are the same coil/fitment as Holley, Fueltech, AEM, Haltech, DIY, Mercury Marine etc. We have hundreds of sets of these out there on some very very fast cars running gas, ethanol and methanol fuels. After 1500rwhp area on M1 we always recommend a cdi Ignition system. 

Peak voltage: 45,000 V
Peak output: 105 Mj
Maximum battery voltage: 17.0 V

16v system runs higher Ms then 12v system. 3-5ms @ peak power on 12v system 

4-6ms @ peak power on 16v system.

***Smart coils must be triggered on with rpm output. Coils will be damaged/weakened if wired constantly on with igniton on and engine not running.***

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